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Free Transmission Performance Check

Have Your Vehicle Thoroughly Inspected

AtDr. Nick's Transmissions, we offer customers a free performance check to help diagnose any problems with your transmission. Our comprehensive examination consists of many different steps that help us to thoroughly inspect your vehicle. This provide us with a complete status of your car's general operation and transmission performance. We can offer you useful information that can help preserve the life of your vehicle.

A performance check often includes:

  • Fluid check
  • Road test
  • Lift inspection
  • Pan examination

If our performance check shows us that there is a current problem with your transmission, we can recommend and take action from there. A further, more in-depth inspection may be needed if we discover an issue, but you can rest assured that we can repair or rebuild it if needed.

Please feel free to call us today at 631-751-6500 to arrange for your free transmission performance test!

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