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Rebuilding Transmissions

How does a transmission rebuild work?

When your transmission has received a full diagnostic service, you may find out that it is beyond a simple repair. At Dr. Nick’s Transmissions, we understand not every single transmission needs to be replaced. Replacing a transmission can be very costly, and therefore a rebuild is an effective and affordable way to approach the necessary repairs.

How the transmission rebuild process usually works:

  • Transmission is closely examined
  • It is then removed and disassembled
  • Each part is inspected individually
  • Parts are cleaned thoroughly
  • Necessary parts are replaced
  • Then the parts are reassembled
  • To finish, all parts are tested

Trust your transmission to the experts at our repair shop. We have been around for almost 50 years. Our mechanics have a fine attention to detail to ensure the entire process is done exactly as it should be.

Call us today at 631-751-6500 to discuss a transmission rebuild and discover why our customers are always satisfied with our work!


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