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Transmission Services

We repair, maintain, and rebuild transmissions!

At Dr. Nick’s Transmissions, we are dedicated to serving you with excellent quality care in the diagnosis and repair of your transmission. Sometimes customers know enough about their cars to be certain their transmission is in trouble. Other times, you may come to us with an uncertainty if something is wrong. In either case, we help to diagnose exactly what is wrong, and explain any issues so you understand what is happening.

We offer the following services:

  • Free performance check : When you come in for transmission repairs, we offer a free performance check. Although we specialize in transmission, we are experts in general car repair. We ensure that your car is running smoothly.
  • Diagnostic services : You may be experiencing something strange in your vehicle you cannot diagnose on your own. When you bring your car in, we may be able to help. Our experts diagnose many types of problems every day.
  • Driveline Repair: Dr. Nick offers a free performance check to diagnose your driveline and get you back on the road!
  • Transmission maintenance : It is very important to keep up with the maintenance of your transmission. A little bit of effort can go a long way when it comes to your vehicle.
  • Transmission repair : When a minor problem comes up, we offer repair services and preventative care. The transmission repair services we offer are considered more affordable than other companies or auto shops. We service both automatic and standard transmissions!
  • Transmission rebuild : In a few cases, your transmission may be completely beyond simple repairs. We offer replacement services for these rare cases. Our rebuild lasts customers longer than most repair companies.
  • Warranty : We offer a very special type of warranty on our transmissions. You can not only get it replaced at this location, but other locations as well. If you travel often, you won't have to worry about breaking down away from home.
  • Free towing : Many companies charge you extra to tow your vehicle or won't do it at all. We offer this service free of charge to you. You shouldn't have to worry about getting your car to us if it's not working properly.

Give us a call now at 631-751-6500 to make an appointment. We can offer you a free estimate as well!


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