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Free Towing Service

Get your car towed to us free of charge!

At Dr. Nick’s Transmissions, we provide free, local towing with major repair services. When you believe that there is an issue with your transmission, especially a serious one, it’s very important to get it inspected right away. If you continue to drive your vehicle, it can cause further damage. Therefore, we encourage you to take advantage of our towing services.

The benefits of our towing service include:

  • Save time driving your vehicle to us
  • Avoid further damage to your vehicle
  • Allow us to do the heavy lifting

We advise you to play it smart when you suspect there is a need for a minor or major transmission repair. Our towing auto service is also available for an affordable cost if you are in need of towing, but not a major repair.

Don’t hesitate to call on us for help, at 631-751-6500!

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